Caring for the environment is a priority for Kelowna Ready Mix Inc.

That’s why we’re the first private company in the Okanagan Valley to eliminate concrete waste being shipped to our landfills.

Concrete in a hardened, solid state, poses no threat to the environment. However, the water used to deliver or place concrete, or to clean equipment or to cure concrete can raise pH levels in surrounding water and could thereby harm living organisms.
For that reason, Kelowna Ready Mix has employed the following systems to prevent this potentially harmful discharge of water and to reduce the environmental impact of excess concrete being taken to the landfill:

Excess Concrete Recycling System

reclaimerOur concrete reclaiming system offers the complete solution for residual concrete recycling. The system reclaims aggregates and cementitious water for reuse in the production process. This allows an environ- mental friendly ‘zero waste’ solution to over- come the problem of waste concrete and wash water disposal.
By using our concrete reclaiming system we saved hundreds of thousands of liters of fresh water.
Active environmental care is another reason to use a recycling system. With the installed material flow, natural resources are protected and disposal space is saved.

EnviroChute Onsite Concrete Waste Water Recovery System

envirochuteAt Kelowna Ready Mix Inc. all our trucks have been fitted with the EnviroChute Concrete Recovery System.
The system was developed to enable our drivers to clean their chutes and other equipment without leaving behind unsafe cementitious material on construction sites.
With this system hazardous waste water, fine sands and cement powder are moved back into the truck to be transported back to our plants and disposed of properly, while the aggregates are caught in a screen, are washed and can be disposed of right on the job site.
Not only is this good for the environment, but it reduces the amount of cleanup a contractor or home owner has to do.

Lock Blocks

lockblockBefore any of our surplus concrete is placed into our concrete recycling system, it is poured into metal forms to create lock blocks. These lock blocks can be used for creating retaining walls and numerous other applications
Each block is made up of up to 0.8 cubic meters of concrete and weigh up to approx. 4000lbs.
Lock blocks come in a number of different shapes and sizes. For more details please see United Lock Block (the supplier of our forms).